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Investing in a Sustainable Future.

Specializing in Acquiring Solar Farm Land


About SOL-R Global Infrastructure

SOL-R Global Infrastructure specializes in acquiring the land that is rented to renewable energy producers for their solar farms.

We operate in 6 countries in Europe : United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

We acquire land under utility-scale solar parks with production capacity in excess of 4MWp.

Why are we building a portfolio of ground sites?

Solar farms, although they often enjoy long term power purchase agreements from national utilities and are relatively easy to manage once installed, are not risk-less.

By accumulating a well-diversified portfolio of land hosting solar farms of all sizes in a number of countries, we are able to diversify away the risk of the asset class as a whole.


What are the risks that we manage with our portfolio approach?

Risks in detail:

Regulatory Risk

A unilateral renegotiation of feed-in tariffs (as happened in Spain in 2008) can destabilize the financials of the solar farm paying rent to the landowner.

Technical Risk

The malfunction of faulty solar panels or inverters, which are often sourced in China, can interrupt electricity production and therefore the ability of the solar farm to pay rent.

Environmental Risk

Wildfires or extreme storms, the occurrence of which is increasing with climate change, can destroy solar panels or the metallic structures they rest on. This in turn impairs the ability of the solar farm to pay rent to the landowner.

Counterparty Risk

The contractual counterparty to the lease agreement is never the solar farm operator per say but a wholly owned special purpose vehicle (SPV) with limited liability. The landowner, by and large, has no recourse against the parent company of the SPV in case of failure to pay rent by the SPV.

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Prior to co-founding SOL-R, Marc was the founder of Telium, the first French mobile tower ground site land aggregator. Marc sold the portfolio of land assets to Nasdaq-listed Radius Global Infrastructure in 2020.

Prior to founding Telium, Marc was an investment manager, specializing in long-only and long/short equity strategies. As Head of European Equities at Lombard Odier he managed in excess of $1.1bn.

Prior to managing investments, Marc was an entrepreneur in media and software, a chapter of his professional life he closed when he sold Transactive Solutions Inc., the company he had co-founded in Boston in 1999 to Bertelsmann, the German media conglomerate.
Marc graduated from ESSEC (’90) and received an MBA from Harvard Business School (’94).

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Carlo Toic

Carlo Toic brings a wealth of experience to Sol-R, with a career in real estate and a focus on niche asset types such as cellular ground leases. 

In 2011, Carlo joined Md7 in Dublin, where he played a key part in a project overseeing Vodafone Italy's operating expenses savings initiative. He also represented Md7 in talks with Vipnet Croatia (A1), successfully leading the project from conception to execution. As Md7’s Southeast Europe Manager, he oversaw teams and managed client relations for Italy, Spain, Croatia, Malta, and Albania.

In early 2020, he was headhunted to join Telium as Italy Country Manager, where he spearheaded their Tower Site Acquisition initiative until the company’s assets were sold off.
Carlo subsequently founded Towercell Consulting Ltd, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting tower tease landowners and site aggregators in the Mediterranean region. 

Why deal with us?

There are 3 main benefits of selling your land plot.


Benefit n°1

You receive a lump sum immediately and do not have to wait for rental payments to come in over the very long term.


Benefit n°2

The proceeds of selling the land are generally taxed at a lower rate than the rental income that is collected every year. This is a big benefit that we will help you evaluate.


Benefit n°3

You transfer to us all the risks that exist in the landowner-tenant relationship.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in dealing with us, the first step is to contact us using this form. One our Senior Acquisitions Manager will call you the next day.


Key documents that you should prepare include the title to the land underneath the solar farm and the lease between you (the landowner) and the solar farm (the tenant).

Thanks for submitting!

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