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Energy Producers

SOL-R Global Infrastructure will work with energy producers who want to sell down their land holdings. We buy the land in bulk through a sale & leaseback transaction.

The benefits of selling to us

The benefits of selling to SOL-R Global Infrastructure are:


Debt Paydown

By selling the land under their own solar farms, energy producers can raise cash to pay down each SPVs debt and increase the IRR on their equity investment.


Resale Value Enhancement

A solar farm can be more easily sold in the secondary market if the SPV owning the energy producing facility is not burdened with a non-amortizable asset such as land. By selling the land to us, the energy producer can extract a higher price for his PV operation.


Professional Landlord

With SOL-R Global Infrastructure as a landlord, the solar farm operator has the comfort of dealing with a professional owner whose staff and service providers have deep knowledge of the industry and who can expeditiously deal with any request with respect to land improvements, solar farm extension, installation of storage equipment… etc.


Get in Touch

Whether you're interested in our services, have a business proposal, or simply want to understand our process, feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring ways we can collaborate towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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